T-Mobile G1: Unboxing Pictures


Well we got the T-Mobile G1 about a week ago and not only was keeping it a secret incredibly difficult, but we probably should have been sedated before trying to rip open the box. It could have been dangerous… the most viscious unboxing in mobile phone history!

Despite my desperation to play with it I took my time and care unboxing it. Afterall, you only get to open the first ever Android Phone for the first time… one time.

Here are some of the pics:

Rob Jackson
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  1. Did you make sure you sniff the pre-packaged box first… you know the smell of NEW… ooooh…. haha still have yet to get mine! URGH

  2. ugh i ordered mine like 2 weeks ago?? whatever & it said I’m getting mines like in november 10.. I’m like dying right now cause the wait is freakin killing me!! i want it like now so badly!!

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