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Editor in Chief


HTC U19e launch nearly doubles company’s month-over-month revenue

Jul 8th - The month of June was actually pretty good for HTC. That’s something we don’t hear often. HTC has reported that revenue for June was up 94% month-over-month, totaling NT$1.461 billion (US$46.89 million). The sharp increase in revenue is being attributed to the June launch of the HTC U19e in Taiwan (HTC’s home market) and the …


Pixel 4 renders reveal front of the phone, triple rear-camera setup

Jul 8th - The Pixel 4 rumors mill has been spinning for a while now, but a new render of the phone from @OnLeaks gives us our first detailed look at what the front of the phone may look like while also revealing a few other details that may have previously been missed. Since the video and images …


25+ Huawei P9 Tips & Tricks

Jul 8th - Since the Huawei P9 has dozens of customization options and other hidden features which may not be obvious to most people, we’ve pulled together the most important ones for you.


How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Jul 3rd - Buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the larger S8+ from a service provider typically means you can save a bit of cash, but the device will be locked to that specific service provider’s network. If you want to switch networks, you’ll have to get a SIM unlock code for the Galaxy S8. Here’s how to do that.