Kevin Krause

Google’s new Chrome extension let’s you know you have just been phished

Apr 29th - Some people really love Phish. They following the band around from tour stop to tour stop and marvel as Trey Anastasio rips into another 23-minute guitar solo. No one, however, likes being phished, and Google has a new Chrome extension to help minimize the damage of a password stolen in this manner.

Enter to win the Huawei Android Wear watch from

Apr 23rd - Huawei might not be a household name, but their first Android Wear smartwatch has sure caught the attention of plenty of folks in the tech blogosphere. The Huawei Watch turned heads at Mobile World Congress; many see this as a turning point for a company huge in China but still struggling to break into the …


The best Samsung Galaxy S6 apps & games

Apr 21st - By now you are a seasoned Galaxy S6 veteran, so what’s next? Outfit your hardware with the apps and games that will truly showcase the S6 in all its glory. Here they are.

18000mAh battery pack for an insanely low $30 at

Apr 17th - 18,000mAh of stored power, 2 devices charged simultaneously, and $80 cheaper than you can expect to pay elsewhere — the lightweight and compact Power Vault USB-enabled backup battery pack is available now from for 72% off.The Power Vault is perfect in a pinch when an outlet is far away; it can charge even the …

Last chance to save over 50% on wireless feather Bluetooth earbuds from

Apr 16th - Only two days remain to pick up a pair of featherlight wireless Bluetooth earbuds at a special discount through This compact set of headphones doesn’t skimp on features with its tangle-free design (don’t worry, only a short chord tethers the two earbuds to each other), noise-canceling shell, and a built-in microphone for voice calls.These …


Samsung’s Gear VR gets fashionable with help from Refinery29

Apr 15th - Gear VR users will get the chance to experience the fashion and culture of cities far and wide thanks to a new partnership with Refinery29 that will see the virtual reality series Fashionably Bound make its way to Samsung’s Milk VR service.

Mission Impossible: removing Galaxy S6 glass without destroying the display

Apr 15th - Your mission should choose to accept it: gain access to the internal hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S6 without destroying the device in the process. Yes, that’s mission impossible, or, at least, improbable based on the findings of the iFixit’s teardown of the newly available Samsung flagship.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners to get free Uber rides as part of new partnership

Apr 15th - Samsung and Uber have announced a new partnership that will include the taxi-but-not-technically-a-taxi car sharing service as a featured item in the new Galaxy Gifts widget and unlock free rides for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge owners. New Uber users will earn $25 in credit toward their first rides.

45 Tips for the HTC One M9

Apr 3rd - We’ve put the HTC One M9 through its paces and scoured the depths of its settings menu so you don’t have to. Here are over 25 tips and tricks that will take you from padawan to master in no time flat.

11 things every HTC One M9 owner should do

Apr 2nd - The HTC One M9 might just be the best Android device on the market, but if you go in flying blind you could very likely miss out on some of the key features that make your device great. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, here are the top things every new One M9 owner should right now.