ZTE gets on in direct-to-consumer trend with Nubia



Direct-to-consumer smartphone sales are nothing new by a long shot, but they certainly have grown in popularity as a tactic now employed by several major handset manufacturers around the globe. The latest is ZTE, whose Nubia subsidiary will expand its reach and move into direct sales of premium-grade smartphones in the near future.

Recently launching an international landing page, Nubia is promoting the Z9 and Z9 Mini as well as the My Prague smartphone. These phones are being positioned as a premium brand. Emphasis in marketing materials is placed on artistic design, powerful performance, and compelling photo capabilities. Also suggesting premium stature are gold and rose gold finish options.

Nubia’s lineup will reach consumer in Europe first before expanding to at least eight more countries in the near future. Currently interested buyers can peruse Nubia’s site to learn more about their offerings, but no exact date has been given for the launch of an online store.

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