HTC lays off a large portion of its US team


HTC was once the darling child of Android, but it has been a long time since they had a financially successful phone launch. Despite making some of the best Android phones, they have been on a steady decline for at least a couple of years. Google recently acquired a large chunk of HTC employees from the hardware division. Unfortunately, HTC is still laying off a large portion of its US team.

According to sources at Digital Trends, HTC has laid off a majority of the US team. These are people that work exclusively in the US market. The only employees remaining in the US office are those that work for HTC Global. HTC released the following statement:

We have recently brought our smartphone and VR businesses under common leadership in each region. Today, we announced a restructure in North America for the HTC smartphone business that will centralize the reporting structure within the region. In doing so, there have been some employee reductions to align the businesses and empower the teams to share more resources.

This is bad news for HTC fans in the US and even worse news for all those who lost their jobs. It’s tough going in the smartphone industry right now if you’re not Samsung or Apple. Even LG announced plans to scale back their smartphone launches. Google is able to compete because they have cash coming in from many different areas. HTC is not so lucky.

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