Samsung explains why it halted the Galaxy S8 Android Oreo release


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo update started rolling out last week, but it had some issues. Samsung reportedly halted the updated yesterday without much of an explanation. Today, Samsung has revealed why they put a stop on the update. They sent the following statement to SamMobile:

Following a limited number of cases where Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices have rebooted unexpectedly with the Android 8.0 Oreo, we have temporarily stopped the rollout of the update. We are investigating the issue internally to ensure that the impact to the affected devices is minimized and the rollout of the update can resume as quickly as possible.

Obviously, random reboots is a pretty big issue. Good on Samsung for identifing the problem and stopping the update. Samsung had a pretty lenghty beta testing process for this update, so it’s a little strange to see such a glaring issue in the final version. Samsung hopes to solve the problem and get the update rolling out again soon.

Joe Fedewa
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