Feb 20th, 2018

Chrome OS devices have a feature called “tablet mode” for devices with touchscreens. Something that people like to do with large-screen tablets is put apps side-by-side. Surprisingly, Chrome OS has lacked this feature in tablet mode, but it’s finally available if you know how to get it.

The feature is available on the Canary Channel for Chrome OS. Regular Chrome OS has three phases: dev, beta, and stable. Canary is an even more developmental stage that most people shouldn’t use. If you’re daring and just have to be on the bleeding edge, you can run this.

This feature was originally just for Chrome windows, but now it’s working with Android apps as well. We’re still probably a stable release or two away from seeing this feature in prime time. For now, this is a great productivity tool for tablet mode users.

[via Chrome Unboxed]

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