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A while back, Google announced that it would be bringing Gemini 1.5 Pro to NotebookLM, a smart assistant platform where users can upload documents and use AI to summarize content, pose questions and more. There was also talk of bringing over NotebookLM to more regions worldwide – as such, it looks like Google has made good on its promise following a more recent announcement.

The company finally announced that it has brought over an upgraded version of NotebookLM with Gemini 1.5 Pro to over over 200 countries and territories around the world. Part of Google’s announcement reads:

Our goal from the beginning with NotebookLM has been to create a tool to help you understand and explore complex material, make new connections from information, and get to your first draft faster.

With that being said, users can now upload their sources including research notes, interview transcripts, corporate documents, which will serve as a foundation for NotebookLM’s knowledge base for users.

With all that said, users will be able to incorporate content from Google Slides and web URLs alongside previously supported formats like Google Docs, PDFs, and text files. Additionally, NotebookLM now offers inline citations that link directly to the relevant passages in source documents, allowing for effortless fact-checking of the AI’s responses and deeper exploration of the original text.

Finally, there’s also a new Notebook Guide, which automatically converts source materials into user-friendly formats like FAQs, Briefing Docs, or Study Guides, providing a comprehensive understanding of the information at hand. Users can also ask questions about images, charts and diagrams in their sources, and NotebookLM will include citations to images as supporting evidence when relevant.

Source: Google

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