Nothing Phone (3) could borrow an iPhone 15 feature


One of the features Apple introduced to the iPhone 15 in 2023 is the action button. This button replaces the mute switch and allows users to customize it to perform an action of their choice. It feels more novel than anything, but it seems that the Nothing Phone (3) could be borrowing that feature.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei shared an image on X in which he asked for some feedback for the redesign of the Quick Settings menu. It might have looked innocent enough, but many were quick to realize that this might have been a teaser image for the Nothing Phone (3). This is thanks to an additional button spotted on the side of the phone.

This led to speculation that Nothing could be including an action button of their own for its next flagship phone. Apple isn’t alone in introducing an action button to its smartphones. The Realme 12 5G has what the company is calling a “Dynamic Button”, which is essentially the same thing.

Like we said, the action button on the iPhone 15 feels novel. It has potential and we get the concept, but it doesn’t feel quite as useful in real-life. We don’t doubt that there are users who find it extremely useful, so to each their own! That being said, is a potential action button in the Nothing Phone (3) something you could be interested in?

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