Apple has very ambitious plans for foldable displays


Ever since Samsung popularized the foldable smartphone design, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be developing a foldable iPhone. But it now seems that Apple could be looking to go beyond the iPhone and use the foldable displays for its MacBook laptops as well.

This is according to a post on Medium by notable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst claims that Apple is apparently developing a MacBook with a massive 18.8-inch display. This display, when folded, will resemble the size of a 14-15 inch MacBook. This means that the overall footprint remains the same when folded up.

Kuo claims that Apple is working with LG for the display and the goal is to make it as crease-free as possible. The report also claims that Apple could actually launch this device as soon as 2026. This is one year earlier than previously reported.

While Kuo has an excellent track record when it comes to Apple related news, we can’t help but feel skeptical. Apple has famously refused to adopt touchscreen displays for its Mac computers, so we have to wonder what a foldable MacBook will look like. Will it ditch the physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a massive touchscreen display? Or will it somehow retain the keyboard but still include a foldable display?

2026 is still quite a long ways to go and we wouldn’t be surprised if the dates get revised. So until we hear from Apple directly, take it with a grain of salt.

Tyler Lee
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