T-Mobile is hiking the prices for some legacy plans


Every now and then, carriers introduce new plans and retire older ones. But those who are using an older plan usually get grandfathered in as long as they maintain their line. Unfortunately, it seems that T-Mobile could be driving legacy customers to newer plans by increasing its prices.

According to a report from The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will be hiking up the prices for some of its legacy plans. This will impact customers who are on the Magenta, Magenta Max, Simple Choice, and T-Mobile ONE plans. It also sees a jump in price from $2 to $5 per line, depending on the plan.

If you’re a long-time T-Mobile customer using any of these plans, you should receive a text message informing you of the hike. The change in price will come into effect on the 5th of June, 2024. This means that you still have time to switch to a different and cheaper plan, or just switch carriers completely.

In response to customer complaints on X, T-Mobile has responded by saying that the price increase is due to “rising costs”. If you have multiple lines attached to your plan, the new prices could add up to quite a lot. If you want to avoid paying more, then you’ve got a couple of weeks to look for a new plan or carrier.

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