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There are many VPN services out there and choosing the right one can be difficult. This is because people use VPNs for a variety of reasons. Some people might use a VPN to get around geo restrictions. Others might use it for additional security while on public WiFi. There are some who also use it to protect their identity online, like journalists, activists, and more. If you’re thinking about getting a VPN and feel overwhelmed by the options, then maybe IPVanish could be worth considering, and here’s why.

Why you might need a VPN

When you browse the web, your online activity is tracked by various entities including your internet service provider. This means that even if you’re using your browser’s incognito mode, your activity is still being tracked. This is because incognito mode only prevents your browser from saving browsing history and site data, and not from your ISP tracking your activity.

A VPN can basically protect that. When using a VPN, your connection is first routed through your ISP and then to the VPN service. This means that as far as your ISP is concerned, you’re only connected to the VPN and they won’t be able to tell what you do online. This is perfect for privacy reasons, where people like journalists and activists can do their work online without being traced or tracked.

Even if you’re just a regular user, having your privacy protected is a good thing. VPNs can also protect your data while on public WiFi, or if you need to mask your location or change location to access geo restricted data or websites.

Fast, unlimited data

Some VPN services out there put data caps on usage. This means that if you exceed the amount of data you’re given, the service either stops or gets throttled. This can be annoying since it can happen when you least expect it. With IPVanish, the VPN service offers what they claim is “truly unlimited” data.

Users can connect multiple devices to the VPN service and not have to worry about data limits. This unmetered connection means that you can use the VPN up to your heart’s content and not worry about getting cut off or having your speeds reduced. This will be useful for those who might need to stay on a VPN for extended periods of time, which in turn could use up more data.

IPVanish also claims to be one of the fastest VPN services available in the market today. The problem with some VPNs is that because you’re essentially routing your data through them, it might end up being slower. If speed is a concern of yours, IPVanish has been tested as being one of the fastest VPNs so you don’t have to worry about slow connections.

Advanced encryption

Now, routing your data away from your ISP’s tracking is one thing, but there are other third-parties to contend with, such as hackers. With IPVanish, the VPN service boasts advanced encryption features. It uses an AES-256 encryption to ensure that the data being sent and received through its service is secure and encrypted.

AES-256 encryption is considered to be one of the most secure forms of encryption out there, so you can rest assured that your data is protected at all times from prying eyes and malicious attackers.

In addition to offering robust encryption, IPVanish also has a DNS Leak Protection feature. Like we said, privacy is one of the main reasons why people might choose to use a VPN. But sometimes due to user errors, like misconfigured network settings or malware, your DNS can leak. This in turn could allow ISPs to track your online activity. This ultimately defeats the point of using a VPN in the first place.

IPVanish’s DNS Leak Protection feature sends all your internet traffic through the service’s encrypted tunnel. This in turn prevents your DNS from getting leaked. The IPVanish app even comes with a tool that lets you run a small test to see if your DNS is being leaked. If it does, you can make some changes to the settings to keep yourself secure.

IPVanish also offers 24/7 customer support that can help you if you’re unsure on how to set things up.

Zero logs policy

A lot of online services create logs of the activities you do. There are a variety of reasons for this. One could be that they are looking to do market research on usage patterns. It could also be used for legal reasons. Logs can also be used for tracing issues and bugs so that they’re easier to spot.

Ultimately this creates a “trace” of your activities which kind of defeats the point of services like a VPN. Thankfully, IPVanish adopts a zero logs policy. This means that the company basically does not keep a log on your browsing or VPN usage activity. If law enforcement were to request data, there would be no data to give. It would also mean that hackers cannot access these logs to find out what IPVanish users might have been up to.


If you think that all these features are extremely attractive, you can sign up for IPVanish on their website. The company offers a variety of subscription plans. For those who prefer a month-to-month subscription, it is priced at $12.99 a month. But if you think you can commit, you can opt for the 2-year plan.

This is priced at $2.19 a month and you’ll be getting an extra three months for free! This is an 83% discount compared to the regular subscription. There is an option for a 3-year subscription plan at $2.79 a month. Similar to the two-year plan, this includes an extra three months for free. This is pretty awesome value for money and could be worth checking out if you’re interested in protecting your privacy online.

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