Rumors Suggest that Sony is Developing a “True” PSP Successor


Sony’s launch of the PS Portal months ago was a rather unconventional decision from the Japanese gaming giant, given its function as a standalone remote play accessory of the PS5. While many did lament the Portal’s vast difference in form and function to earlier Sony devices such as the PSP and Vita, new rumors indicate that Sony might be working on a newer, more “traditional” handheld.

Rumors claim that the supposed Sony handheld will be a “true” successor to the PSP and PS Vita, and will be capable of playing PlayStation 4 games, unlike the Portal which only streams games from the PS5.

A few months back, YouTuber “Moore’s Law is Dead” claimed that the system was in very early production, suggesting that it will feature a design similar to that of modern handhelds such as the Steam Deck. More recently, Russian journalist Anton Logvinov stated that Sony is planning to release a “new PSP,” with a launch lineup composed of PS4 titles.

Additionally, there are claims that Sony has also developed patents for a device with the ability to switch between remote play and local game titles, although at this point it seems that nothing is truly certain. If true however, this would be a great opportunity for Sony to jump back into the portable gaming market, given the rise in popularity of modern PC handhelds and the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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