Google will be bringing these cool new features to Android in a future update


To keep things fresh and exciting for Android, Google usually introduces brand new features to the platform. We know that Android 15 will be released later this year, but in addition to the major update, at I/O 2024, Google also announced some new features that will be making its way to Android in the future.

For starters, Google is taking physical security of your phones more seriously with Theft Detection Lock. Google will use the power of AI to detect if your phone has been snatched out of your hand. When it does, your information will be locked down to prevent access to it.

In addition to physical security, Google will also use its AI for on-device protection for Google Play Protect. It detects when an app that could be used for phishing or fraud, andd will warn users and send a report to Google. The company claims that this will be done without the collection of personal data.

There are also some other quality of life improvements users can expect. For example, users can add items to Google Wallet by taking a photo. This includes items like concert tickets, library and insurance cards, gym memberships, and more. This will make it easy for users to expand their Google Wallet if they plan to go wallet-free.

Google doesn’t have a hard timeline on when these new features will be release in for Android, but it sounds like an update worth keeping your eyes out for.

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