You can now delete your Threads account without deleting Instagram


For some reason, the folks at Meta decided that if you wanted to delete your Threads account, you would have to delete your Instagram in the process. We never quite understood the logic behind it, but there is some good news on this front.

In a post on Threads by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, he announced a couple of updates to the platform in which one of the updates will now allow Threads users to delete their profile without deleting their Instagram account.

While we understand that the Threads app is technically under the Instagram banner, it never made sense to us why both accounts would be linked so tightly that deleting one meant deleting the other, but thankfully this is now a non-issue.

Threads was launched earlier this year as an alternative to platforms like Twitter (now known as X), especially given the criticism that Twitter has been receiving over the years, which was later compounded when Elon Musk bought over the company and renamed it to X and made a lot of controversial changes.

While Threads was launched kind of barebones, it has been receiving updates over the months that is slowly bringing it on par with X, but in case you decide that maybe it’s not for you and you’d rather not have a presence on the platform at all, you can go ahead and safely delete or deactivate it.

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