T-Mobile home internet just got a little worse


T-Mobile recently raised the prices of its home internet service from $50 to $60 a month. The good news is that this only applies to new customers, so if you are already subscribed, you’re fine. But now it looks like T-Mobile has implemented another change that will affect all of its customers.

This change comes in the form of a data cap. T-Mobile used to offer pretty much unlimited data for what you were paying, but now in its terms and conditions, the carrier is warning users that exceeding 1.2TB a month will result in a speed slowdown.

This isn’t to say that T-Mobile would previously allow users to use their data willy nilly. The carrier did mention “data prioritization” in the past, but that mostly referred to network congestion. This cap of 1.2TB means that users will now need to be extra vigilant with how they use their data.

To be fair, recent data suggests that the average American household consumes a little over 500GB of data a month. This means that T-Mobile’s cap of 1.2TB is more than enough for the average user. Still, following the price increase and now the data cap? It’s starting to feel less like a value proposition now.

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