WhatsApp Introduces New “Chat Filters” Option


WhatsApp has been rather busy lately – the Meta-owned chat platform has been introducing some nifty new features for users over the past few weeks, and as such has recently announced a new update for the app. More specifically, users will now be able to access a “Chat Filter” feature which WhatsApp says will be useful for sorting out and hunting down specific messages.

As per WhatsApp’s announcement:

Opening WhatsApp and finding the right conversation should feel quick, seamless, and simple. As people increasingly do more on WhatsApp, it’s more important than ever before to be able to get to your messages fast. That’s why today we’re launching new Chat Filters so you can do that without having to scroll through your full inbox.

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With that being said, users can choose between three filters that will be displayed at the top of their chat list, which includes “All,” “Unread,” and “Groups.” Tapping on “All” will display a default view of a user’s messages, while “Unread” will only display conversations which have yet to be opened. Meanwhile, “Groups” sorts all of a user’s group chats in one place within the app for cleaner organization.

Source: WhatsApp

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