WhatsApp adds Handy New Feature for Android Users


While app user interfaces are usually a subjective matter, there are times when a small change might have a big effect on the way that users go about using their favourite apps. With that in mind, WhatsApp recently took to social media to announce that it was making some modifications to the Android version of the app.

More specifically, the main navigation bar within WhatsApp has now been moved on the lower part of the screen, allowing users to reach it easier compared to when the bar was on top.


Interestingly, the same layout format exists for other apps such as the mobile version of Safari for iOS and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone, which has led to some hoping that the same option can be enabled for Google Chrome on Android.

Going back to the new WhatsApp UI change, the update was met with mixed reception, with some users expressing that they preferred the older design; on the other hand, some appreciated the change as the navigation tools are now within reach. In any case, it looks like this will be the new format going forward, unless Meta decides to switch things up again in the future.

Mike Viray
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