Spotify is about to raise its price again


Subscription based services have their appeal. Instead of paying a huge upfront cost, customers can opt to pay a smaller amount every month. It also ensures a steady stream of income for companies, who can then use that money to further invest in their products and services. Unfortunately for Spotify users, it looks like the price of your subscription is about to go up.

A recent Bloomberg report has revealed that Spotify is apparently looking to increase its prices again by the end of the month. The good news is that this won’t affect the US market. The bad news is that the price increase for the US market will happen, just maybe later in the year.

Some of the markets that could be affected include the UK and Australia, where we could see a price increase of about $1-$2 per month. Spotify already increased their prices back in 2023, so customers will now have to brace themselves for another price hike. The report claims that Spotify could also introduce new pricing tiers.

One of those tiers will see the removal of audiobooks, so if you’re only using Spotify purely for music, you could opt to pay less. There is also a chance that Spotify could introduce a top-of-the-line tier that includes everything including access to hi-fi audio. Either way, assuming the report is accurate, we should have more details by the end of the month.

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