Spotify has announced a price hike across its plans


Netflix recently killed off its Basic plan, essentially forcing customers who didn’t want to see ads to pay more for the Standard tier. YouTube Premium also announced a price hike by $2, and as the saying goes, bad things come in threes, because the bad news for Spotify users is that your subscription just got pricier.

Spotify has announced that they will be raising the prices of its subscription. The Premium Single subscription, which was $10 a month, will now cost $11 a month. The Premium Family and Student plans are also seeing a price hike to $17 and $6 respectively.

To be fair, the increase of $1 for the Premium Single plan isn’t too bad, and Spotify has actually managed to maintain the $10 price tag for about a decade, so we can’t say that it wasn’t due for an increase. Those who are subscribed to Premium Duo will probably feel the biggest pinch as it has increased by $2, going from $13 to $15, but we suppose if you split the subscription it works out to $1 each, which is still pretty decent.

That is the problem with subscription services, where prices are undoubtedly bound to increase over time, and users who have gotten used to the service will have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay for it.

Source: Spotify

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