Google could charge Apple users for its AI services


A rumor from last month suggested that Apple could be collaborating with Google to bring its AI services onto iOS and its iPhone and iPad devices. It makes a lot of sense, especially if Apple’s own AI technology isn’t quite ready yet. But now it looks like Apple users could be in for a nasty surprise.

In a report from the Financial Times, anonymous sources have told the publication that Google could charge Apple users to access some of its AI services. It is unclear if it will be for all of Google’s AI services or only for select services. For example, some services not be deemed as “core” or “necessary” might be locked behind a paywall.

It’s actually quite interesting and a turning of the tables. Google is reportedly paying Apple billions of dollars to remain the default search on Safari. If Google were to start charging iOS users to access more advanced AI features, they stand to make quite a bit of money. iOS users probably won’t be too thrilled with the idea, but it remains to be seen how it is implemented.

The concept of charging for AI features isn’t new. OpenAI has a paid version of ChatGPT that unlocks additional perks and features. Samsung has also confirmed that they will eventually start charging for some of Galaxy AI’s features, so it’s not unprecedented. We expect more details will be revealed at WWDC when Apple announces iOS 18.

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