Apple’s iOS 18 could get an AI helping hand from Google


According to the rumors, iOS 18 is expected to introduce some brand new AI features. This would be Apple’s attempt to catch up with the likes of OpenAI, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft. But it turns out that Apple could be getting a helping hand from none other than Google.

This is according to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman where he claims that Apple and Google are in talks to potentially integrate the Gemini AI engine into iOS 18. This does not mean that Apple will not be trying to use its own AI. Instead, the report suggests that Apple’s own AI tech will be used to power on-device functions.

Where Google comes in will be for cloud-based AI computing. Since Google already has a system in place with its Gemini AI model, it would make sense. The report claims that Apple is testing its own alternative to ChatGPT, but since other models are already more established and more advanced, it would be better for Apple to leverage already-existing tech.

Apple has a history of failed launches in the past with Siri and Apple Maps. It would seem that Apple might be trying to avoid that by teaming up with a company like Google. Based on this report, the deal isn’t finalized yet. Both companies are still in active negotiations so it remains to be seen if Google Gemini will end up powering some of iOS 18’s AI features.

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