Samsung confirms they could start charging for Galaxy AI after 2025


When Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series, they also introduced Galaxy AI. These constitute a series of new AI-powered tools and features integrated into the phone’s software. However, a concerning footnote on Samsung’s website hinted that these features might not remain free indefinitely, a confirmation later made by Samsung head T.M. Roh.

Speaking to ET Telecom, Roh has revealed that the Samsung is exploring the possibility that they could start charging users to access its Galaxy AI features. Roh says nothing has been confirmed yet, but he maintains that the AI features currently available will remain free until 2025.

“According to our analysis, there are various needs for mobile AI. So, there will be consumers who will be satisfied with using the AI capabilities for free. Then there could also be customers who wish for even more powerful AI capabilities and even pay for them. So, in the future decision-making, we will take all these factors into consideration.”

This suggests that maybe the included AI features will remain free of charge. In the future, Samsung might introduce even more powerful AI tools and could restrict access through a subscription. This means that if users are happy with the current features, they won’t have to pay for it. But those who require more powerful tools, might.

If that is the case, we’re not too bummed about it, but it does set a pretty dangerous precedent. If it’s successful, we could see other companies like Google start putting some of their AI features behind a paywall.

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