Android 15 Developer Preview 2 released: Here are the changes


It wasn’t too long ago that Google released the first Developer Preview for Android 15. Now it looks like the company is ready to seed the second update as they have announced the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 2. As expected, there are a bunch of changes and the introduction of additional features, so let’s take a look.

Now, a lot of the changes here are mostly catered towards developers. This is because this Developer Preview, as the name suggests, is for developers looking to create Android apps. It allows them to see what kind of changes Google is making that could have an impact on their apps.

Some of these changes that the end user can look forward to are increased privacy and security features. This includes support for screen recording detection. This feature will allow developers to make it so that their apps can detect when they’re being recorded. This is useful for apps that contain sensitive personal or financial data.

Android 15 Developer Preview 2 will also see improvements made to satellite support. According to Google, this includes UI elements to ensure a more consistent user experience. Google is also improving the way PDF files are read and interacted with. One of those changes is how users will be able to search within embedded PDF files.

The update will also give developers the option to add cover screen support, especially for foldable phones that adopt the flip form factor. Whether or not developers take advantage of this is up to them, but the option is there.

Take note that these changes might not necessarily be the same upon release. Google is still taking feedback and what we see now may differ from the public release of Android 15. There is still no fixed release date yet, but based on Google’s estimated timeline, it will take place towards the later part of the year.

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