When will Android 15 be released?


Google has released the first Android 15 developer preview. This particular version isn’t designed for the end user, but rather for developers. It will give developers an idea of some of the new core features of Android that they can take advantage of in their apps. But if you’re wondering when Android 15 will be released, here’s what you can expect.

According to Google’s timeline, the developer preview of Android 15 will run from February until mid March. After that, the company will transition into the beta releases. The beta release of Android 15 will be slightly better for public use, although it’s still not a great idea as a daily driver.

Google expects that Android 15 will reach platform stability around June, and the final release will take place after July. There’s no set time of the final public release, but Android 14 was released in October last year. Keep in mind that Android 14 was actually slightly delayed and that Android 13 launched in August 2022.

This means as far as Android 15’s release date is concerned, we could be looking at anywhere between August to October. These dates can change if Google encounters any issues like breaking bugs. Either way, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update you accordingly.

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    The first Android 15 Developer Preview has been released

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