Does your Samsung S Pen smell funky? You’re not alone


One of the accessories Samsung included in the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the S Pen stylus. This is an accessory that originally debuted with the Galaxy Note series, but since Samsung killed off their Note lineup, they have been including it with their flagship models. But now it appears that users are discovering that the S Pen has a weird smell.

In a post on Reddit, u/LatifYil and others have found that the S Pen “absolutely reeks”. Apparently it is giving off a smell of burnt plastic. If you’re worried that we could be looking at another Note 7 exploding battery fiasco, it seems that you can rest assured. A post on the Samsung Community forums by a moderator has revealed that this is normal.

According to the mod, the reason behind the S Pen smell is because of the way it is housed. It is placed close to the internal components of the phone which generate heat under use. This in turn can cause the plastic of the S Pen to heat up, causing a smell similar to burning. The moderator likens this smell to how your car might smell after leaving it under the hot sun for a few hours.

This has been an “issue” since the Galaxy S22 Ultra. We’re not sure if this was present while the Note series was still around. In any case, if you notice a burnt smell from your S Pen, it’s normal and you’re not alone.

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