YouTube TV’s Multiview Feature Arrives for Apple Devices; Android Support still Missing


While YouTube is primarily a Google product and essentially belongs to the same product family as Android, there are times when certain features make their way earlier to competing platforms, such as Apple’s iOS and iPadOS. With that in mind, Google recently confirmed that it’s began rolling out a new Multiview feature for YouTube TV, which will soon be available for iPhone and iPad users.

The feature was first seen by users who noted that the YouTube TV app for iPhone now provided the option for Multiview. When used, the Multiview feature allows a user to watch up to four different channels simultaneously on their device. The feature was made available earlier on for compatible TVs back in 2023.

With all that being said however, it looks like the feature is still absent on Android-powered devices, to the disappointment of some users on Google’s own smartphone platform. The company does state that Multiview will arrive for Android phones and tablets within this year, although it didn’t provide a specific date or timeframe as to when users can expect the feature to appear.

Source: 9to5Google

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