Pixel Marketshare Climbs Again in the US


While Google’s Pixel phones are a long way from decimating rival devices from brands like Samsung and Apple, the company’s efforts to market its phones have nonetheless resulted in some growth, particularly in the North American smartphone market. Based on data from 2023, it looks like Google was able to grow to 4.6% market share, compared to 3.6% back in 2022.

In particular, Pixel phones made up around 9% of sales of unlocked devices, with Lenovo and Motorola at the top with 34%, followed by Samsung and Apple at 20% and 19%, respectively. On the other hand, Google was recorded as having dropped North American shipments year-over-year by 13.6%.

By comparison, Apple managed to grow in the US last year by 1.4%, with a total of 51.9% of the total market; Samsung meanwhile dropped by 19% down to 22.4% of the total market.

Just recently, it was reported that Google is planning to make the upcoming Pixel 8a available in more regions, particularly in Europe. The phone itself hasn’t been revealed yet, but that hasn’t stopped tons of leaks from spreading online way before the phone’s expected May launch date.

Source: 9to5Google

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