WhatsApp rolls out self-destructing voice messages


WhatsApp has several privacy features like self-destructing photos and videos, where users can send a photo or video that after being viewed, will be deleted automatically. Now it looks like WhatsApp has started to roll out a similar feature for voice messages.

Users who frequently use WhatsApp’s voice messages can now set it so that whenever they send a voice message, it can be set to “View Once” and after it has been opened, will be deleted. In a way it’s actually pretty useful because since at the moment, WhatsApp doesn’t have “View Once” for text messages, this could be a good alternative.

WhatsApp does support disappearing messages, but those messages only get deleted after a set period of time, which means that in between there’s a chance that someone else could still see it unless the user were to manually delete it themselves. At least with voice messages, users can say whatever it is they want to say and it will be deleted after.

The feature is being rolled out as we speak and is expected to take several days before it reaches all users, so if you think that this is something you could make use of, then keep an eye out for the update if it hasn’t rolled out to you yet.

Source: SamMobile

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