New FCC Listings Confirm Pixel 8a Model Numbers


Following several weeks’ worth of countless rumors, leaks and whatnot, it looks like Google’s upcoming Pixel 8a is one step closer to an actual release, based on newly-uncovered listings in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database. The listings show four different model numbers for the Pixel 8a, indicating what are very likely different regional variants for the device.

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With that being said, the model numbers include “G8HHN,” “GKV4X,” “G6GPR,” and “G576D.” This confirms an earlier leak that shows a photo of the retail packaging for the Pixel 8a, which has model number G6GPR printed on the bottom of the box.

Recently, reports online speculate that Google could increase the price of the Pixel 8a to around 570 euros (or nearly 600 USD) for the base 128GB model, with a reported 256GB model priced at 630 euros. If true, this would be a rather large difference considering that last year’s Pixel 7a launched at around $499.

In any case, it’s likely that we can expect to get the full details of the Pixel 8a should Google announce it during this year’s Google I/O conference, which is set to be held on May 14.

Source: Android Police

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