Google Pixel 8a could see another price hike


Last year, Google increased the price of its Pixel phones. This started with the Pixel 7a where its price jumped from $449 from the Pixel 6a to $499. If you thought you were safe from price increases for another couple of years, think again. A report from has suggested that the Pixel 8a could see another price hike.

According to the report, Google could increase the price of the Pixel 8a to around 570 euros. This is for the base 128GB model. The 256GB model could end up priced at 630 euros. The publication notes that these are just preliminary figures so it could change upon launch. It is worrying that Google is steadily increasing the price of its Pixel phones.

The Pixel A series was designed to be a more affordable alternative to the main flagship lineup. To be fair, at the new rumored prices, it is still cheaper than the flagship models. But if Google were to keep pushing up the prices, the Pixel A series could lose its appeal. We also imagine that if the Pixel 8a were to go up in price, Google could do the same for the Pixel 9 lineup to further differentiate the models.

Needless to say you should take this with a grain of salt for now. If Google keeps to schedule, the Pixel 8a should launch in May, so check back with us in the next couple of months for the details.

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