Google Finally Confirms this Year’s I/O Conference Date


After what felt like an eternity, it looks like Google has finally confirmed the date for its upcoming Google I/O conference this year – a teaser page with a mini-game reveals that the event will be held on May 14th, keeping line with previous I/O conferences, which were likewise held in May.

Of course at this point Google hasn’t exactly specified what it will be unveiling at the event, although going by past announcements we can probably expect the debut of the Pixel 8a, which at this point has been leaked quite frequently online. There’s also speculation that Google might tease the supposed Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Buds Pro 2 devices, the former of which is rumored to come with a larger display variant.

Additionally, there are also rumors of a new Pixel foldable in the mix, which in a way shouldn’t be too surprising – it is Google I/O, after all.

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Aside from hardware, Google will most likely announce major updates to its software products as well, and given how big it’s been banking on AI in the past year, we’re bound to hear more of Gemini once the keynote event kicks off. You can register for the event online starting today.

Source: Google

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