Truecaller just got a lot smarter at detecting and blocking spam calls


If you’re unsure about whether a call from an unknown number is spam or a legitimate call, then apps like Truecaller can be useful. The app can help users detect and block calls that have been flagged as spam. For the most part, it does a good job, but it’s about to get even better as Truecaller has introduced an update that uses AI to help detect spam.

The company has announced an update called “Max”. This is only available on Android and only available for Truecaller premium subscribers. At the moment, Truecaller relies on a database of numbers that have been flagged as spam. This is a problem because new numbers have the potential to circumvent the app.

But with the Max update, the app will now leverage the use of AI to detect calls that it thinks are spam, even if it isn’t part of the app’s database. If this works as advertised, it would be pretty cool because it means that users won’t have to be as proactive and just allow the app and the AI to do its own thing.

Truecaller premium is currently priced starting at $9.99 a month. If you haven’t subscribed, then perhaps the new AI spam detection feature could make Truecaller premium something worth your consideration.

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