Android 14 One UI 6.0 beta coming to Samsung Galaxy S23 next week


Google released the developer preview and the beta of Android 14 earlier this year, but whether or not your device supports it is entirely up to the manufacturer of your phone, so this experience varies from brand to brand, model to model.

The good news for Samsung Galaxy S23 owners is that if you’re interested in taking the beta for a spin, next week will be your time. This is according to a Samsung Germany customer service rep who seemingly confirmed that the Android 14 One UI 6.0 beta will be rolling out to Galaxy S23 owners starting next week, the 2nd of August.

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed anything on their end and sometimes customer service reps are known to get things wrong, so don’t put too much stock into this just yet until it actually becomes available. Samsung isn’t forgetting about its other customers though, the rep also mentions that devices like the Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 will be getting access to the beta on the 9th of August.

Keep in mind that this is a beta. Betas do contain bugs and sometimes aren’t fully optimized, and some apps might not necessarily play nice with the update, but it’s a good way for users to take the update for a spin to get an idea of what’s coming. We wouldn’t necessarily suggest you use it as a daily driver for the reasons we mentioned above, but if you’re curious, why not?

Source: SamMobile

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