MediaTek and NVIDIA Want to Make your Car Even Smarter


The rise of modern in-vehicle infotainment systems has undoubtedly continued to pave way for smarter setups in recent years, all with convenience and safety in mind. As such, MediaTek recently announced that it has teamed up with NVIDIA to develop four new automotive chips, which are part of MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto Cockpit product lineup.

More specifically, this new lineup includes the new Dimensity Auto Cockpit CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1. Built to support NVIDIA Drive OS, the new SoCs combine modern car infotainment and safety features, and are designed for different tiers; for example, the CV-1 is aimed solely at entry-level vehicles, while the CX-1 is meant to work within premium automobiles.

AI has appeared in almost all modern consumer electronics products as well as IoT hardware, and these new SoCs are no different – they’re developed to work with large language models, enabling manufacturers and end users to tap into the power of AI for infotainment purposes, as well as more common uses such as navigation, and general information needs.

The Dimensity Auto Cockpit chips feature an ARM v9-A system as well as NVIDIA’s next-gen GPU accelerated AI computing and NVIDIA RTX graphics, which can even support in-vehicle gaming sessions complete with ray tracing support. Other entertainment features include media streaming, and support for video calls with AI-enhancement functions for audio and video.

MediaTek and NVIDIA have also made it a point to work on passenger safety features using hardware-based solutions, support for automotive safety standards, including hardware such as multi-camera HDR ISP which supports multiple camera placements for added security.

The new SoCs likewise support Dimensity Auto Connect for wireless networking connectivity, in addition to Dimensity Auto Drive that handles intelligent assist and autonomous driving features.

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