Google confirms the existence of the Pixel 8a


Every year, Google launches a Pixel A series phone. This is meant to be a cheaper alternative to the flagship version. Last year we got the Pixel 7a, which means that unless Google changes their mind, this year we’ll see the Pixel 8a. Now it looks like the phone has been confirmed.

In a post on the Google Issue Tracker page, a Google employee has more or less confirmed the existence of the phone. They mention the Pixel 8a explicitly, which means that it’s pretty much a guarantee that Google will launch the handset soon enough. We can’t say we’re too surprised, but it’s nice to have confirmation all the same.

If Google were to keep the specs of the Pixel 8a in the same veins as its predecessor, it means that we can look forward to the use of the Tensor G3 chipset. It might be slightly underclocked to help differentiate it from the Pixel 8, but otherwise it should still be a pretty capable handset.

We have heard rumors that the phone could also come with a battery upgrade. A rumor from last week also suggested that the handset could see a price hike. Google increased the price of the Pixel 7a last year. We thought we were safe from another price hike, but we guess not.

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