Google Announces New Chrome Safety Features for iOS and Desktop Devices


Google recently announced that it was adding some improvements to Google Chrome’s built-in browsing protection for users, aimed at reducing incidents of phishing, malware, unwanted software downloads and such. The updates were announced for iOS and desktop users, and will roll out to more users soon.

To guard users against malicious sites, the Standard protection mode for Chrome on desktop and iOS will now check sites against Google’s server-side list of known problem sites in real time. If Chrome suspects that a site poses a risk to a user or their device, a warning with more information will be displayed. Google adds that this should result in up to 25% more blocked phishing attempts.

For iOS devices, Google has also added new updates to Password Checkup – in addition to flagging compromised passwords, it will now flag weak and reused passwords, displaying an alert whenever it detects an issue with a password that a user has entered.

With all that being said, Google hasn’t mentioned when the new updates will arrive for users with Android devices unfortunately, so users rocking an Android smartphone or tablet will have to keep an eye out for any news as to when Chrome’s new safety features roll out for their respective devices.

Source: Google

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