Samsung could return to square designs for future smartwatch


When Motorola unveiled their first smartwatch, the Moto 360, it featured a circular design. The idea was that this would imitate more traditional watches which are generally circular in nature. Other companies eventually hopped on board after abandoning the square design, save for Apple. Now it looks like Samsung could be looking to launch a new square smartwatch in the future.

This is according to a report from SamMobile who claims to have heard that Samsung is exploring the possibility of returning to the square form factor. All of Samsung’s current smartwatches feature a circular design. The only exception is the Galaxy Fit 3, which one could argue is more like a fitness tracker.

The report claims that Samsung is apparently very “enthusiastic” about the design. It is unclear when we might see this new form factor, but we doubt that it will debut with the Galaxy Watch 7. It is possible that it could be a separate model from the current Galaxy Watch lineup, just in case there are customers who still prefer the circular look.

There is no right and wrong form factor here, just personal preference. Apple has continued to maintain the square form factor to great success. At the end of the day, it boils down to preference, software, and functionality. But what do you think? Would you like to see a square Samsung smartwatch in the future?

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