Forget blue bubbles, Google Messages will let you change it to any color you want!


In many regions around the world, RCS messages are hardly the messaging standard. Instead, depending on where you live, apps like WhatsApp, LINE, and KakaoTalk are the standard. But in the US, there is a huge debate going on between blue and green bubbles, but that could change in an upcoming Google Messages update.

According to a report from Android Police, it seems that Google is working on an update to Google Messages. The update to Google Messages will allow users to change the colors of their chat bubbles and use custom backgrounds. This means that if you’re sick of the whole blue-green bubbles debate, you can change all your chat bubbles to blue or green or something else entirely.

Obviously this doesn’t change the underlying technology. Instead, it could be a fun way of making your conversations more personalized to your aesthetic preferences. This feature appears to be server-side enabled, so not everyone will see it yet.

That being said, Apple did confirm that they will eventually enable RCS messages. This is expected to be part of the iOS 18 update. This means that iOS users chatting with Android users using the native messaging app on their phones can send rich text messages instead of regular SMS.

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