We Pit the Nothing Phone 2a’s Cameras Against the Pixel 7a


The Nothing Phone 2a is the newest kid on the block, and it boasts a ton of great features such as a large and vibrant display, a huge 5,000 mAh capacity battery, as well as Nothing’s signature Glyph Interface hardware design on the back. With that in mind, Nothing says that the 2a also comes with a capable photo and video setup, thanks to a combination of hardware and software components.

Given the Phone 2a’s $350 starting price, it makes it an ideal competitor to the Google Pixel 7a, another midrange phone that boasts robust imaging capabilities. Both phones have some key differences, but given how good most smartphone cameras are nowadays, we couldn’t help but put these two to the test.

Key Differences

Both phones come with three cameras all over – the Pixel 7a features a 64MP main sensor in addition to a 13MP ultrawide sensor and 13MP front camera, while the Nothing Phone 2a packs 50MP main and ultrawide sensors, in addition to a 32MP front camera.

It’s clear that the 2a has the 7a beat in terms of hardware, particularly when it comes to megapixel count. However, Google’s computational photography does allow the 7a to take amazing-looking photos, thanks to well-optimized image processing software.

That’s not to say that the Phone 2a doesn’t have anything of the sort – according to Nothing, the Phone 2a comes with the company’s own “TrueLens Engine” which uses computational algorithms including Ultra XDR, which interestingly has been co-developed with Google.

The Showdown

With that in mind, we once again join Phandroid’s Nick Gray in checking out how each phone’s cameras perform in similar environments, lighting conditions, and such. Given that smartphone photo quality is often a subjective matter, we’re leaving it up to you guys to comment on which phone you’d rather choose for day-to-day mobile photography. Check out our video below!

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