Apple Music will no longer work on rooted phones


There are many reasons why you might root your Android phone. Maybe you want to run a custom ROM, or use apps that require deeper permission levels than Android will allow. Whatever the reason is, if you are subscribed to Apple Music, then you might run into issues using the service on a rooted phone.

According to a post on Reddit by surname_is-taken, they were greeted by an error message when they launched the Apple Music app. The error message says that the app is only available on unrooted devices. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an app take issue with rooted devices.

Some users recently discovered that they could not send RCS messages on a rooted device. Thankfully, there appears to be a workaround for Apple Music. As AssembleDebug notes on X, editing the Deny List in Magisk should allow users to bypass the issue. This is because apparently the app only checks for su binary, as opposed to Play Integrity which is what Google used for RCS.

Maybe Apple will follow in Google’s footsteps in a future update, but for now if you’re familiar with Magisk’s Deny List, this could be an easy fix. For those who aren’t, you could consider a new streaming service or unroot your device. If you’re not using a rooted phone, then there should be no issues using Apple Music.

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