Android Auto will show apps that only work when parked


Platforms like Android Auto and CarPlay are introducing richer infotainment systems to cars. It’s great compared to the more clunky systems some carmakers have chosen to use in the past. The only problem is that with such a rich and complex system, it raises the question of safety. Thankfully, that’s something Google is addressing in the latest version of Android Auto.

SmartDroid discovered that in the latest version of Android Auto, the platform has been updated where it will show apps with a “P” indicator. This means that these apps can only be used when the car has been parked. This is useful to let users know which apps can or cannot be used while driving.

We’re still on the fence about the idea of introducing video games to a car’s infotainment system, but we get it, people need to be entertained while waiting. At least with this update, users will now know which apps they cannot use until their car has been parked. Google has addressed this issue before where an app would display an error message if the user tried to use it while driving.

The error message would inform the user that their car needs to be parked before it can be used. At least this way, at a glance users can see which apps can or cannot be used while the car is in motion. The change is part of Android Auto 11.4, so if you’re running that version you should notice this.

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