Google’s new AI math tool makes calculations easier


Math is a subject that I have personally struggled with in high school. Maybe it was an unwillingness to learn, maybe I was lazy, or maybe I was just bad at it. But math is an important subject, so if you are learning math or if your kid is finding trouble with it, then Google’s new AI math tool could be the answer.

Google has launched a new AI math tool called Photomath. The app was initially launched in 2014 by another company before Google acquired them back in 2023. Basically what the app does is that it allows users to take photos of math equations and uses AI to help solve it. It can provide users with step-by-step explanations if you want to get a better understanding.

It also works with word problems, so it can read a math problem written out in a sentence and provide users with the solution. The app itself is free to download and for the most part, it is free to use. There is a paid subscription called “Photomath Plus” that offers additional features.

This includes animated tutorials, more in-depth explanations, and more. This will cost users $9.99 a month or $69.99 annually. If you don’t need the more detailed explanations and just want a way to solve math problems, the free version should be good enough.

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