Playing videos on Google Drive just got faster


As a cloud storage platform, Google Drive offers a great way for users to share all kinds of files including documents, images, and videos. If you regularly use Google Drive to watch videos, you might have noticed that sometimes it can take a while. It’s not slow by any means, but it could be faster.

Thankfully, that’s something that Google is fixing in the latest update to the storage platform. According to Google, part of the update to Google Drive is the improvements in join time. This refers to the time it takes from users clicking on play to the video actually playing. They have also made a reduction in re-buffering in normal and higher speed playbacks.

This is thanks to the enabling of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) video transcodes. This means that your playback will dynamically adjust itself based on your network speed or quality.

The bad news is that Google says these changes will initially only apply to new videos uploaded to the platform. If you’re trying to access videos already uploaded before these changes were announced, you’ll have to wait. Google says that existing videos will be updated by the end of the year.

Either way, these are good changes so if you do access video files regularly on Drive, then this should enhance your overall experience.

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