Apple kills its electric car plans in favor of AI


More than a few tech companies are starting to develop their own electric cars. This includes companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei, both of whom are more well-known for their mobile devices. In fact, Apple themselves were rumored to be developing their own car, or at least they were. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Apple electric car project is now dead.

The electric car project was referred to as “Titan” and Apple has reportedly been working on it for close to a decade. The report claims that Apple has decided to no longer go ahead with it. As for the team members who were working on it, they aren’t being let go. Instead, they are being reassigned to Apple’s AI division.

AI is all the rage these days and while we’ve seen many companies come up with their own take on it, Apple has largely remained silent. It is expected that the company will introduce new AI features to iOS later this year as part of the iOS 18 update, so it makes sense that they would shift more resources towards it.

Many are anticipating Apple’s take on AI. Given how famously bad Siri is, some are also understandably worried. OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung all pose serious competition to Apple in the AI space. If the company hopes to maintain its lead in the smartphone market, they better have something amazing up their sleeves.

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