EU to Fine Apple Over Music Streaming Services


Apple and the European Union haven’t been the best of chums lately – following a lengthy back and forth regarding the limitations set forth by iMessage for users in the EU (of which Apple emerged victorious), it looks like the EU is instead expected to place a hefty fine on Apple regarding music streaming services.

A probe headed by the European Commission is looking at whether or not Apple’s restrictions required of app developers breach the EU’s regulations against abuse of dominance; A formal complaint made by Spotify back in 2019 essentially accuses Apple of preventing app developers from informing iPhone and iPad owners of more affordable music subscription platforms.

Should the decision push through, the €500 million fine would be the first that the EU will impose upon the Cupertino-based tech giant. It’s expected that the fine will be formally announced next month.

Recently, The EU conducted an investigation of Apple’s iMessage platform under the Digital Markets Act to determine if iMessage is considered a “gatekeeper” service. Based on its findings however, it seems that the EU has ruled that iMessage does not fall under such a category.

Source: Politico

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