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Thanks to its unique design and massive popularity, there’s no shortage of accessories when it comes to devices like the Nintendo Switch – the Big N’s hit handheld-console-hybrid continues to top sales charts, despite the fact that it’s more than half a decade old at this point.

However, one caveat with the Switch though is that it’s prone to controller drifting, which often plagues the analogue sticks on its detachable Joycon drifts. As a result, we’ve seen a ton of different brands try their hand at making a worthy replacement – one good example is the CRKD Nitro Deck, a fairly-recent product that aims to provide an improved controller experience on the Switch.

The Nitro Deck is supposedly designed with zero stick drift in mind, with a grip that’s designed to be more comfortable than the decidedly plain-looking Joycons that the Switch comes with. It also features gyro controls and rumble support, in addition to hall effect thumbsticks and re-mappable controls. You can check it out using the link below.

CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition with Carry Case - Professional Handheld...
  • NO STICK DRIFT - The Nitro Deck handheld pro controller for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED Model has Hall Effect...
  • COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic build for long gaming sessions, the Nitro Deck offers comfort and speed, with no...

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