Editing function will be coming to Google Messages


Unsending messages isn’t a new feature. It has become pretty much a standard on most messenger apps these days. Now it looks like Google could be introducing a new feature to Google Messages where it will allow the editing of messages that have already been sent.

This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about this feature. Back in December 2023, there was some evidence to suggest that Google is working on the editing feature. Now a new report from TheSpAndroid has revealed that the feature is functional by enabling a new flag.

The editing function is quite straightforward. Users only need to long-press the message and tap the pencil icon and they can edit their messages. While the feature is sort of live, it doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet and doesn’t quite work as expected. Apps like WhatsApp already allow editing of sent messages.

Messages that are edited will show an “edited” status, so presumably Google could adopt a similar approach. This is to prevent users from editing sent messages and then pretending like nothing happened. We’re not sure when Google plans to roll out the editing function to Google Messages, but hopefully it won’t be too long

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