First update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 has started rolling out


The Samsung Galaxy S24 was launched not too long ago. The problem with brand new phones is that sometimes the software isn’t always perfect. Companies can try their best, but sometimes some issues only appear once they get into the hands of the public. Luckily, Samsung Galaxy S24 owners can expect a fix for some of these problems in the first update to the phone.

A post on X by Mishaal Rahman has revealed that Samsung has started to roll out the first update for the Galaxy S24. Samsung had previously mentioned that they are planning an update soon, so it looks like it’s live now. There are a bunch of changes and fixes in this update.

This includes better image quality for the cameras when shooting backlit in high-pixel mode, better clarity when recording videos, and Samsung has also improved the sharpness and brightness of indoor environments when taking photos of people. The update also introduces a new slider for the Galaxy S24’s Vivid mode.

This will allow users to crank up the saturation and contrast of their phone’s display to make it pop more. That being said, the update is only rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S24 owners in South Korea. It will eventually make its way to other markets, so keep your eyes peeled.

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