Fewer Android users jumped ship to the iPhone in 2023


In the past some Apple events, the company would show how many Android users have jumped ship to the iPhone. Obviously this is a source of pride for them, but in 2023, it looks like there weren’t as many ship jumpers as Apple would have liked.

According to the latest CIRP report, in 2023, 13% of iPhone buyers in the US came from Android. For context, 2022 saw 15% of Android users switching to iPhone, which means that 2023 saw fewer switchers. Also, 13% is not the lowest. In the past five years, the lowest numbers from CIRP are 11% in 2020 and 2021.

To make it clear, this doesn’t mean that 13% of Android users jumped ship to the iPhone. Rather, the report suggests that 13% of those who did buy an iPhone in 2023 came from Android, so it’s not as if the Android market share just took a 13% loss.

The report does not mention why these users made the switch and why it might be lower than the previous year. It is possible that due to the fact that there was no big design change that fewer customers found the iPhone 15 as compelling as its predecessor.

Also, there are many reasons why people switch. It could be due to work reasons. Another possibility is that some of these switchers might have come from an iPhone, switched to Android, and decided to go back again. It would be interesting to see the figures from an Android perspective so hopefully the CIRP has a similar report in the future.

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